With this initiative you can donate our solar lamps to primary school students in Nkhata Bay District to improve their school performances.

You can choose between these 3 products:
If you want to donate multiple products (e.g. 1 SM100 and 1 OV Pilot X) add them to cart one by one and select the quantity on the PayPal page
SM 100

Torch, head-torch, desk lamp and hanging light in one product

4,500 MKW

5.5£ | 6€ | 7$

L 190

1 light with 3 different brightness, mobile phone charging cable, 1.8W solar panel

23,000 MKW

26£ | 30€ | 34$

SunKing Boom

1 light with 3 different brightness; Radio FM,MP3,SD card,USB, USB mobile phone charging; 2.7 W solar panel

38,000 MKW

44£ | 48.5€ | 55$

Send us an email at kuwalaenergy@gmail.com with the details of your donation. Students of Standard 8,7,6 and 4 from different schools in the district will be awarded and you will receive a communication from them!

We can prepare for you, your friends or family members a postcard like the one below with a personal message or home address that you can print or send via email.